Flink Coordinated Graphic Design

We carry a passion for graphic design and have a knack for untangling even the toughest of knots.

Flink. is a Multidisciplinary Design Studio that solves tasks within Corporate & Brand Identity, Concepts, Graphic Design and Art Direction. We are specialized in Identity Design and Data & Information Graphics.

Strategic services
Succesfull design begins with a solid foundation. We approach your business needs from the perspective of a customer, employing thoughtful positioning, and design to your brand’s identity. Each project’s strategy is carefully conceived and refined before the first click of a mouse.

Creative services
Our design are thoughtfully coordinated. We coax out your business personality and create a visible presence for your brand. From ideas and concepts to print collateral and logos, we match your message to be clear and powerfull. Recognition. Our clean and refined aesthetic allows your content to shine.